The first real implementation of ASPires-GEO in Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko is situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountains. The town is one of the most developed mountain resorts in Bulgaria. Not far from the town of Bansko is Razlog, which is located in the same valley.
At the beginning of April 2019, with the assistance of the fire brigade, the ASPires-GEO module was installed and put into operation. The module is installed on the territory of the fire command at a height of 25 meters. From this position there is a direct visibility to the mountains surrounding the town of Bansko and the town of Razlog.
The ASPires-GEO module is programmed to scan 125 positions at 360 degrees of horizontal motion and 180 degrees of vertical movement.
The weather station shows the basic parameters of the meteorological situation in the observation process.
The data is stored in a central database.
The "Scan Zones" report shows real-time the last 50 measurements of the system.
The "Alarms" report shows the last 50 alarms, information about the area where they were diagnosed, and photos from infrared and daytime cameras.


ASPires-GEO is based on already available hardware and software components on the market. The cameras and the respective software equipment are produced by the Bulgarian company OPTIX.

Studies have shown that the main components of such a module are:

❑ HD CCD/CMOS and Thermographic cameras

❑ Pan/Tilt device

❑ Laser pointer (optional)

❑ IR Software for fire detection

❑ Weather station

The communication between ASPires-GEO and the cloud based data base is implemented through an intermediary, called ASPires-GEO-Gateway. The Gateway allows the provision of normalised data to the cloud. Data normalisation allows their universal use, both individually and in conjunction with data from other types of sensors. Pan tilt device on which the cameras are attached is manageable. This allows the pre-defining of points of the forest area of the scanning area. Each point (PRESET) has a fixed area depending on the distance of the cameras to the scanned area. The Intelligent software defines the warmest point within each PRESET. If the warmest element has a temperature higher than the predefined, then an alarm signal is generated.