Task G. Operative use of upgraded and extended CMIS. Summary


The task G. Opertive use of upgraded and extended CMIS aim in testing the concepts of integrated advanced systems for prevention and early detection of forest fires in existing CMIS and definition in steps of possible interconnections to the Crisis Management System other EU countries.

Task G. Results


D.G.1. System connection to the existing systems used in the Crisis Management System and the EU CIWIN (Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network)

The report consists of reports from experimental tests and possible recommendations.

Deliverable date: 10.2018

D.G.2. End users familiarization plan

The deliverable consists of descriptions and plans for end-user certification.

Deliverable date: 03.2019

D.G.3. System integration to the existing information systems in Crisis Management System in beneficiaries and end users countries and in operative use.

The deliverable contains reports from end-users concerning the vitality of the system during its experimental and operational use.

Deliverable date: 03.2019