Task C. System definition. Summary


Task C. System definition includes defining the specification and partial experimental tests of the early forest fire detection system. The specification includes the use of sensor networks, mobile devices (such as drones), a data collection network that will increase the early detection rate of forest fires. Simulations will be performed in cases where a real experiment can not be performed. The ultimate goal of the defined system is to increase the efficiency of early forest fire detection systems.

Responsible for implementation are:

  • The University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, Germany as coordinator of the project;
  • Military Academy "General Mihailo Apostolski" in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia;
  • InterConsult Bulgaria Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria;
  • Comicon Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria;
  • National Cluster for Intelligent Transport and Energy Systems (NCITES) in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Task C. Results


D.C.1. Comparative analysis with other models of information systems for detection and monitoring forest fires.

The report on comparative analyses on the market and year after the proposal writing is critical for positioning the system on the research and trading scenes.

Deliverable date: 08.2017

D.C.2. Published comparative analyses of occurred forest fires in fYR of Macedonia in period of 2006-2015

The report is going to include all analyses of the forest fire events that allows further development of the data models and sensor network concepts.

Deliverable date: 07.2017

D.C.3.  Advanced systems for prevention and early detection of forest firesis designed

This report contains the overall architecture of the system for forest fire monitoring and prevention mostly by means of requirements to the ICT designers. 

Deliverable date: 08.2017

D.C.4. Analysis of existing interfaces  (prediction and behaviour)

The report consists of specification of the existing system and its abstraction by means of data flows and used interfaces and protocols between network nodes.

Deliverable date: 08.2017

D.C.5. MOCK-UP development for existing CMIS is developed

The report is going to consists of CMIS main building blocks description.

Deliverable date: 04.2018

D.C.6. Study of data models in different countries and  possible interoperability 

The report is going to contain the description of possible data models applicable in CMIS system at different scales.

Deliverable date: 12.2017

D.C.7. Sensor fixed and mobile network solutions  specification

The report is going to describe and specify in details possible concepts for sensor network applicable for forest fire monitoring and prevention.

Deliverable date: 10.2017

D.C.8. Gateway using standard interfaces is specified and experimentally developed

The report is going to contain conceptual specification of possible gateway solutions between access and edge/ core parts of the CMIS network. One of the concepts is going to be experimentally tested.

Deliverable date: 06.2018

D.C.9. Simulation of networks and data model

The report consists of simulation models on OMNET++ of the CMIS network at different scales and data flow configurations.

Deliverable date: 10.2018