Task A. Management and Reporting. Summary


The Task A. Management and Reporting is dedicated to the project management, reporting to the commission, the monitoring and evaluation of project progress and the implementation of certain actions and activities. Responsible for implementing this task is the Coordinator with the support of all beneficiaries. 

Task A. Results


D.A.1. Grant agreement. 

Grand agreement is considered to be the main document for project running.

Deliverable date : 05.2017

D.A.2. First Progress report and financial statement of eligible costs.

The first progress report is essential for the overall performance of the project. It is early enough in order to allow corrective actions in case of project performance delay.

Deliverable date : 12.2017

D.A.3. Second Progress report and financial statement of eligible costs

The second progress report is important to be well in advance and prior to the final review of the project. It is important as a milestone for project success by means of workload done and resource spending.

Deliverable date : 08.2018

D.A.4. Final report and Final financial statement of eligible costs

The final report is going to show mapping between resource planning and workload costs. It also shows the changes in the technology and prices on the market between resource planning and project commissioning.

Deliverable date : 04.2019

D.A.5. Monitoring and Evaluation plans

Monitoring and evaluation plan should set the rules that are going to ensure good project performance.

Deliverable date : 06.2017