The goal of ASPires project is to develop advanced concepts for early forest fire detection systems. It integrates sensor networks, mobile (drone) technologies and cloud computing for data collection at existing Crisis Management Information Systems (CMIS).

The mobile technologies allow covering large areas raising the percentage of forest fire detections, monitoring areas with high fire weather index and affected by forest fires. Initial tests of the ASPires open virtualized platform are planned in fYR of Macedonia and Bulgaria.
It will allow CMIS in Europe to develop and implement different methodologies and services for initial stage warning, prevention, localization and organization of the firefighting teams and tactics for disaster suppress.

Objectives of ASPires Project

  • Development of advanced concepts of systems for early forest fire detection integrating sensor networks, mobile (drone) technologies and cloud computing.
  • Use of data collection to improve the percentage of forest fire prevention and detection in areas of importance by monitoring the fire weather index, hot spots, affected places and predicting the forest fire behaviour.
  • Specification of communication interfaces, protocols and data flows to share information between authorities and end-users im proving the coordination at regional, national and international level.
  • Development of new information and communication technology solutions and services that allow platform interoperability and integration using recent big data, context-aware and artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Improve sustainability in collecting disaster data for CMIS by sharing the best practices in cross-sector and cross-boundary risk management.